Your Rights At Risk

As you read this, there is a movement brewing in the District of Columbia, supported and funded by the Insurance Industry, to detach you from your right to full recovery in the event that you are horribly injured by a health care professional.

In an effort to retain their profit margin, and in the face of an economic downturn, the Insurance Industry has set its sights on the unfortunate victims of malpractice, looking to decrease the recovery (by way of arbitrary and stringent damages caps) that is rightfully theirs.

Insurance companies disguise their strategy to hold onto generous profits with smoke and mirrors - convincing the public that the only way to stem the tide of rising malpractice rates (imposed by same Insurance companies) is to cap the recovery of malpractice victims.

Please read through the articles below and form your own opinion. The objective studies by neutral academics and other experts have uniformly failed to find any connection between supposedly high jury verdicts and malpractice insurance premiums. Verdicts have been stable over the years. Insurance company investment practices, according to the experts, have had a much bigger impact than jury verdicts on premium increases.

If you are disturbed and alarmed by what you read, please join in our efforts to get the truth out. Click on the "Get Involved" button above.

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